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Sex reassignment surgery or Sex Change Surgery


Sex reassignment surgery or sex change surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can help patients to reach their goals to gain feminine looks and feel.

In this surgery, we can create an adequate vaginal pouch. This is also including sensate, hooded clitoris, and a feminine vulva with delicate labia.


There are some requirements for sex reassignment surgery as below…

1. Be of legal age in the patient's nation; In Thailand, the father/mother or legal custodian may give consent for patients
    under the age of 18.
2. 12 months of continuous hormonal therapy.
3. 12 months of successful continuous full time real-life experience.
4. No medical impediments.
5. Medical letters of recommendation required for SRS: one from mental health professional psychotherapist;
    the second letter should be from a psychiatrist or a Ph.D. clinical psychologist.

The goals of sex reassignment surgery

1. To create as normal female genitalia as possible.
2. To achieve adequate neo-vaginal depth.
3. To insure maximum orgasmic capabilities.
4. To minimize and hide scaring.

The principle of most Sex reassignment surgery procedures involved:

1. Orchiectomy and high ligation of the spermatic cord.
2. Penectomy and excision of corpuscavernosa of the penis
3. Use of corpus spongiosum and urethra to provide a urinary conduit.
4. Use of penile skin to form the labia minora and a part of neo-vagina wall.
5. Use of the scrotal skin to form the labia majora.

On the worldwide basis procedures vary with the tissue available to form the vagina and clitoris.

Sex Reassignment Surgery : Our current technique

Our standards for performing sex reassignment surgery from male to female are as follows:

1. Highest safety during the operation process.
2. Functionality of neo-vagina as close as possible to natural sensation.
3. External appearance as close as possible to a natural look, with less noticeable scaring.
4. Less post operative pain, without using epidural morphine. Drug administration is used for the patient's recovery
    after surgery.
5. Less time of recovery. Patient can recover quickly and return to normal life.
6. Excellent post operative care by our nursing team. After the surgery, our nursing team will do your cleaning and
    dilation until you depart to your country. We also provide excellent care, and extend our sincere friendship to you. This
    (we feel) will help our patients both physically and mentally towards a speedy recovery. tion until patient departs to
    their country. We also provide excellent care, and make patient to feel our sincere friendship. This (we feel) will help
    our patients both physically and mentally towards a speedy recovery.

We offer:

1. Penile skin inversion is the most popular procedure for vaginal construction. The skin of the penis is inverted to
    create a vagina. The glans with its nerve supply is used to create the clitoris, thereby maintaining normal sexual
    sensation. The scrotal skin is used to form a full-thickness graft to give extra depth to the neo-vagina.
2. Split-thickness/full-thickness skin graft procedure is performed by some clinics and achieves patient satisfaction.
    Patient attests to its advantages when the procedure is performed with great attention to details. However, donor site
    scaring and the shrinkage associated with the skin graft procedure are obvious disadvantages.
3. The sigmoid colon vaginoplasty has been used for decades in Eastern Europe to treat vaginal atresia. Currently, the
    procedure is used in primary or secondary vaginoplasty. A section of the recto-sigmoid colon is used to form the
    neo-vagina. The colon serves as a self lubricating neo-vagina. Generally, the low transverse scar is made to
    resemble a hysterectomy scar.

The advantage of SRS : Our technique

1. One stage procedure.
2. More sensory tissue preserved and used to form the female external genitalia.
3. A more aesthetically pleasing and natural looking vagina.
4. Less skin hanging below the urethral opening from too large size inner labia.
5. Enhanced vaginal depth approximately 5-7 inches.
6. Less conspicuous scar.
7. More fullness of mons pubic.
8. Less recovery time; 2-3 weeks after surgery.


Before operation, please inform us if there are any allergies or serious medical conditions. Also please inform us all medication that you are taking.

Please contact us if you need any pick up on your arrival at the airport. We can help you reserve the hotel room and other arrangement if necessary.

However please inform us your flight itinerary one week before your arrival.

Post Operative Care

- No doctor's fee if any corrections are required.
- All post-operative aftercare is provided without cost.

If you have any question please contact us.

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